What are the implications or possible consequences of choosing a “weak” password for my postmaster, MyAccount.Alentus.com, or main website FTP account?

A password that is the same as your domain name, business name, or your own name is unacceptable from a security point of view. Other obvious choices like “test”, “password”, or using the user id are also unacceptable. As a minimum, a password should be a word with a number before, in the middle, or after it (example:dough99nut); however, the more gibberish the better (vl%coltLL). Avoid using “reserved” characters. Also note that passwords are case-sensitive.

Consequences of Easy to Break Passwords

If a hacker "breaks" your MyAccount.Alentus.Com password they can order new web services, terminate your website, order costly software packages, change all your other passwords - almost anything. If a hacker breaks your main website (FTP) password, they can delete and upload content, including spyware, viruses, even child pornography! This, in turn, could seriously damage your personal and business reputation.

Likewise with the postmaster password, you could find that your business associates, friends, governments, etc are all upset with you for sending improper emails. You could also find your domain blacklisted (and Alentus as well) for sending out SPAM. In some jurisdictions, sending SPAM is illegal, so you could be subject to having to defend yourself against charges that could lead to fines and/or jail terms.

These are just some of the reasons for having a good solid alphanumeric password in place. It is also advisable to choose a different password for different purposes (some evil websites have been set up to lure a user into entering a password, the password is then used in attempts to hack into that same user’s accounts on other systems).

Where to Change Important Alentus Passwords

Your Authentication Keyword: https://support.alentus.com/KB/a351/your-myaccountalentuscom-keyword.aspx?KBSearchID=274

Your Website Passwords: https://support.alentus.com/KB/a638/changing-main-ftp-password.aspx?KBSearchID=278

Log into your MyAccount.Alentus.Com profile, and under “Password Manager”, choose both "Change Console Password" and "Change Website Password". As mentioned previously, the best passwords have both alphabetic and numerical components and do NOT include words that can be easily guessed. The Postmaster password can be changed through the email administration console or through the Support Department using “Submit a Support Ticket”.

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