Should I submit duplicate requests for the same issue to increase the priority of my trouble ticket?

Please be advised that duplicate requests tend to consume technical support resources unnecessarily and may result in a delay in processing your request(s). An example of this is when one technician begins work on the first request and another technician is working on the second. Not only does it unnecessarily consume resources that could best be used to support our customers, but it can lead to complications that create a more severe problem than originally existed.

Although we can appreciate that a level of frustration can exist when problems arise with your website, database, or other product, please be aware that we value ALL our customers and therefore must prioritize our resources according to a fair and effective formula that takes many variables into account. The order in which your request is processed does not change a result of a customer submitting ”duplicate requests".

Of course, if the time elapsed seems to be overly unreasonable, days for instance, then you may want to inquire about the status of the original request. Always refer to the original request (if this is the second) when submitting another email to support, calling, or even using “Live Support”.

NOTE: You may have been referred to this article as a result of a technician receiving multiple support requests for the same issue from the same customer. If the duplicate request was sent in error, or due to some other technical difficulty, please ignore this referral.

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