Configuring SMTP-Authentication in Outlook Express

NOTE: Your Internet Service Provider should be providing you with an SMTP service for you to send mail messages directly from your workstation. If for some reason you cannot use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP server, you can subscribe to Alentus' SMTP service. To arrange for this service, please contact Alentus Sales.

After you have received your SMTP Welcome Kit (which includes your SMTP username and SMTP password) you can use the directions given below to setup Outlook Express to use our SMTP server.

These directions assume you already have your POP3 account setup in Outlook Express. If you have not, please follow the directions in the Setting Up Your Alentus Email Account in Outlook Express 6 document before preceeding with these directions.

Step 1. Click the Tools menu at the top of the window.

Step 2. Click Accounts under the Tools menu.

Step 3. Highlight the email account you are adding this to and click Properties.

Step 4. Click the Servers tab in the Properties window.

Step 5. Under the Outgoing Mail Server section check off the "My server requires authentication" box.

Step 6. Click the Settings button that is now available.

Step 7. Select "Log on using" and enter the SMTP username and SMTP password that appears in your SMTP Welcome Kit. Do not check off "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)".

Step 8. Click Ok, and then Ok again, and then Close. You are done setting up SMTP-authentication for that account.

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