SmarterStats Import Error - Data file has been corrupted - How do I get this restarted?

The following information was obtained from the SmarterStats Forum Site: The first thing to do is run a diagnostic on the site by going to the system admin login, then going to Manage Sites > Actions > Site Info. Then choose Run Diagnostic. Corrupt files need to be reimported, usually, which requires the original log files to be present. If any file is corrupt under a monthly folder, the whole month will need to be reimported. To do that, do the following: 1. Stop the SmarterStats service on the machine 2. Rename the month folder (for example 2004-01) to bak_2004-01. 3. Open SiteConfig.xml with notepad and remove any rows that have dates in that month. Then save the file 4. Start the service back up. 5. If it is just one of the files in the root of the SmarterLogs\WebLogs\## folder, and NOT an xml file nor hosts.sitedat, it can be deleted with the service stopped without too much impact anywhere. The best overall course of action is to reimport the site from scratch, however.

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