My Domain Name Does Not Work Under Shared SSL

The problem you are encountering is most likely being caused by the use of your domain name when connecting via shared SSL using our shared certificate.

The correct URL to use when accessing your site via shared SSL is:

Where "###" is your webserver number, for example, if your shared webserver is, then "###" is equal to "112".

Each SSL certificate is issued to a specific domain name and the secure connections offered by an SSL certificate will only work with URLs that use that specific domain name encoded into the certificate.

In this case, the shared SSL certificate on the web server is mapped to the domain name and will only work with URLs that use the URL as shown above.

To be able to use a secure URL like:

You will need to obtain a custom certificate that is mapped specifically to your site and domain name. To do this takes a few steps and there is are setup and recurring cost associated with doing this.

Alentus has made 1-Year, 2-Year and 3-Year SSL Certificates to its clients through our sister company These are available for purchase through the profile. Once logged in, select "Order SSL Certificate" from the left-hand menu, and select the SSL Certificate of your choice.

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