Site Seal with Shared SSL Certificate

Site Seal with Shared SSL Certificate

Unfortunatly we cannot issue a site seal on our shared SSL certificates.

The reason is that we are not allowed to do this under the terms and conditions of our certificate with Thawte. Among other things, the seal is intended to ensure that the operator of a web site is the same person who owns the certificate. Since we do not own your web content (we are only the service provider) we cannot legally issue the seal to you.

To be able to legally use a site seal, you would need to obtain a unique certificate coded to your site. Besides being allowed to use the seal, there are other advantages to having your own certificate. The biggest advantage is the ability to use a URL such as "" instead of the Alentus URL.

If you are interested in obtaining your own certificate, we can help with this. We can install certificates from SSL vendors such as Thawte, Instant-SSL and Verisign. If you would like learn more about this option, please let us know and we can forward you the information needed to start the process of obtaining your certificate.

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