Using Alentus' Shared SSL

Shared SSL is not enabled by default. To use it you need to make a request by using "Submit a Support Ticket" to the Alentus Support team at Once shared SSL is set up, to use it you need to do the following:

1. Upload content that needs to be secured into the /ssl folder on your site

2. Code your links to the secured pages using the secure URL supplied to you in your shared SSL welcome kit email

Note that there are a number of limits on shared SSL, including:

- Files in the /ssl folder must normally be maintained using FTP. FrontPage, Visual Studio and similar packages cannot properly publish to this folder

- Include files, images and other content located outside /ssl on your site should not be used in the SSL environment. All secured content should be physically located in the /ssl folder

- You cannot share application or session variables between secure and non-secure environments. Any data transferred between environments must be placed on the query string or via form variables

For more information on SSL please see "How can I use SSL on my website?" link associated with this article:

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