My site has been a little unstable ever since it was moved to one of the newest shared web servers. What is going on?

If your web site was moved from an older server to one that has just been commissioned, it is not unusual that you may find your site seems to be slightly unstable at times. A newly commissioned shared web server is normally populated by "new sites". In a shared hosting environment, it is impossible to completely prevent one website from affecting another; although this is kept to an absolute minimum through a variety of techniques. Still, with many new sites being present on the same server and newly created sites tending to have the most "issues", there will be an initial period of time on the new server where issues may occur more frequently. This period usually only lasts a few weeks as once there are no new sites being added to the server, it will stabilize and performance will improve.

On the plus side, your website’s performance and stability should be noticeably improved once this initial period is completed.

Still, if this initial period of slight instability is unacceptable, Alentus is always happy to move your site back to an older, more stable and established webserver.

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