Cancelling an Alentus Hosting Contract

To submit a cancellation request, please submit a ticket to our Billing department from our Support Center at:

For your protection we can only accept cancellation requests by submitting a ticket to our Billing department. Security confirmation will be required before the cancellation will be processed.  This security procedure ensures that only authorized persons are able to cancel a hosting contract.

Within one business day of your cancellation submission, you should receive a reply from our Billing department confirming receipt of your cancellation request.

** If you do not receive a reply from our Billing department confirming  your cancellation request was received and processed, then contact us at 1-877-922-9903.  Otherwise your cancellation may not be done and you may incur continued hosting fees.

Be advised that your services are terminated shortly after we receive and confirm we have received your cancellation request.  Ensure that all files, data, and email are erased from our servers. Ensure that you backup all your content before submitting your request to remove services.

** Specify in the body of the cancellation form what you want cancelled. Be specific. Is it just the website hosting (which includes email unless you state otherwise)? Is it SQL Server or MySQL database hosting? We do not want to make mistakes so please be detailed. You will receive an emailed confirmation that your service has been cancelled.

Our refund policies are listed at:

We hope to be of service to you again in the future.

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