Cannot See Site Due to Upstream Network Problems

The following three conditions indicate that there is a problem with the Internet that is outside the control of Alentus.

1. Your website and email are up and running and we are able to access them without problem from our network.

2. You are not able to access your own website; nor can you access

3. There are indications that this interruption is due to problems currently ongoing at one of the internet backbone providers upstream from either you and/or Alentus.

A problem of this nature usually affects a large number of people in geographically diverse locations. The provide in question is normally immediately aware of problems of this nature and will actively work to resolve it ASAP. Unfortunately, we can not offer an estimated time to repair; however, problems of this magnitude are typically resolved in fairly short order.

Problems like this are infrequent but they can and do happen. They can be the result of human error, accidental damage, natural disaster, catastrophic hardware failure, misconfiguration of network equipment, or some other similar problem.

There is nothing that we or you can do at this time other than to wait for the affected parties to resolve the problem.

See "related articles" attached to this record that describe a similar problem and include additional steps that can be taken to verify its exact nature.

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