Moving a Website to Another WebServer

If referred here by Alentus Support:

From the problem description this does seem to indicate some sort of server-related issue. Unfortunatly we have not been able to identify any particular thing on the server that may be causing it, which obviously makes it difficult to solve.

For certain Website problems the best solution is to move a site to another server.

Moving the site involves some down-time and may require IIS or folder permission customizations once it is moved. Typically the down-time is only a few minutes.

We would also need confirmation and an appropriate time to do the move.

To help ensure a smooth move, we need a list of customizations done to the site. Although many types of customizations are entered into our system as simple text annotations to the domain, it is usually best if the customer lets us know of any customizations before we go ahead with a site move.

If there is reason to believe that the Website will need further work to operate correctly on the "new" server, the "old" site can be left in service while the customer tests the site on the "new" server. A temporary access URL for the "new" site will be supplied for testing purposes. Once it has been determined that the "new" site is operating correctly, the "old" site can be shutdown and DNS pointed to the "new" site. If there is any "dynamic" content on the website, such as an Access Database that is updated regularly, this must be moved to the new server to overwrite the "old" database at the time of switchover. This is to ensure that any updates are included (updates that occured between the time the initial "copy" of the website was moved to the new server and the current switchover time). If data is being updated to a SQL or MySQL server database, no special action is required as these databases do not reside on the webservers.

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