Is there a way to have email forwarded to another location as well as the ExchangeMail account in case the Exchange server becomes unavailable?

This depends on where the MX record is pointing to.

It is NOT possible if the domain’s MX record points directly to the ExchangeMail server, as the email has to reach ExchangeMail first and then get forwarded out.

IT IS POSSIBLE if the MX record is setup for use in a “Split Domain” ExchangeMail account. In a “Split Domain” arrangement, the MX record points to Alentus Mail Servers and email is forwarded to the Exchange Server. In this case, another “Alias” or “Forward” (added through the Alentus email administration panel) could be setup to point to a backup account somewhere (gmail, Alentus hosted, etc). In this case there would always be multiple copies of email in different locations.

On most Alentus mail servers, a "forward" that leaves mail on the server and forwards a copy to the ExchangeMail server can be created through a "routing" change for a POP account, on others, mail can be left on the server and still "forwarded" to the ExchangeMail server through other options on the Alentus Email Admin Panel. Setting up ExchangeMail Split Domain accounts in this way means that mail left on the Alentus "regular" mail server may have to be periodically removed to avoid exceeding email disk space usage quotas etc.

One way to find out where your MX record is pointing is by using the free functionality available from services such as “”.

1. Go to
2. Enter your domain name (without the www) in the “DNS Report” field and click the “DNS Report” button.
3. The resulting report is very long. Much of the information is only of value to a DNS Administrator. Scroll down the report page to the MX Category (1st Column) and locate “MX Record” in the Test Name column (3rd Column).
4. The Information Column (4th) for this row shows the details of the MX Record for the domain entered. This shows where your MX is currently pointing.

MX Setup for ExchangeMail Only: [Preferences = 10] [Preferences = 10] [Preferences = 100] [Preferences = 100]

MX Setup for SplitDomain ExchangeMail (normal Alentus mail setup as well): [Preference=5]
** The "##" is the Mail Filtering Barracuda server your Alentus email server MX record should be pointed to for Split Domain Exchange setups. If you are unsure what that number should be, contact Alentus Support by emailing

Note: There are other sites, services, and utilities that will provide details regarding your MX record. Alentus DNS and Email Administrators suggest because it provides the most comprehensive information; however, most of the report is normally only of passing interest to a domain owner.

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