How can I add an alias name to My Domain Name / Email Accounts / Distribution Lists, etc.

Note: This applies to an ExchangeMail user who wishes to add an ALIAS name from outside of the primary domain to a distribution list setup in Exchange. For example, to add the alias to a list called

Adding Secondary Email Addresses

In order to add secondary email addresses:
1) Click on the 'Accounts' Tab on the Control Panel and then click on the 'Select Operation' dropdown for the account and choose 'Manage Email Addresses':
2) Under 'Manage Accounts >> Email Addresses', you can fill in the textbox where it says '@yourdomainname' (if you have multiple domain aliases, choose the desired one on the 'yourdomainname' dropdown) and click 'Add'
Add as many as you need and and then click 'Update Aliases'

Adding Secondary Domain Aliases

In order to add secondary domain aliases:
1) Click on the 'Admin' Tab > 'Manage SMTP Domains' > 'Request New SMTP Domain'
2) Fill out the desired 'Domain Name' textbox.
Make sure 'This Domain should accept external email' is checked (if you want the secondary domain alias to receive emails)
Check 'Yes, I agree with all of the terms in this agreement'
Click 'Submit'
NOTE: Secondary Domain Aliases take about 16 business hours (2-3 days) to be activated for receiving.

Please also note that you will need to point the MX records for these Secondary Domain Aliases:

DNS Records
Your MX Records should be set to: [Preferences = 100] [Preferences = 100] [Preferences = 10] [Preferences = 10]
Your Autodiscover Records should be set to: requires a CNAME record pointing to

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