Problems Importing Outlook 2003 Address Book into Sharepoint

This functionality requires that the Outlook "Address Book Control Component" be installed. It is not normally installed automatically. Read the following note by Microsoft:

The script that runs when the user clicks Import Contacts requires an Address Book Control component included with Outlook. By default, this component is not installed during Outlook setup but is configured as Installed On First Use. When you deploy Outlook, you might want to mark the Address Book Control component as Run From My Computer, as explained in Chapter 4 of the Microsoft Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit (Microsoft Press, 2003) under “Customizing Office Features and Shortcuts,” so that it will already be installed locally when users want to import Outlook data into a SharePoint contacts list.

For importing to work properly, it is also important that your site URL has been added to your trusted sites in IE. Doublecheck that this is the case.

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