Information Needed by Tech Support to Troubleshoot Problems with Email Client Programs

To troubleshoot problems related to email client programs, such as Webmail, Eudora, or Outlook, Technical Support will need to know the exact parameters you are using on your mail client. Please answer the following questions when making your support request:

Are you experiencing the problem with WebMail, POP3 or both (POP3 is used by programs such as Outlook)?

What are the exact error messages you are seeing?

If using POP3:
Software Version: (eg: Outlook Express, Outlook 2000)
POP3 Server Name: (eg:
Username: (eg:
Password: (eg: mypassword)
Outbound SMTP Server: (eg:

If using Webmail:
URL: (eg:
Username: (eg:
Password: (eg: mypassword)

Note: Both Webmail and POP3 requires the full username, eg: Simply using "me" as the account name will not work.

Also, it may be helpful to know of any specific security settings or other non-default settings you are using.

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