How do I find out where my MX is pointing to?

One way to find out where your MX record is pointing is by using the free functionality available from services such as “”.

1. Go to

2. Enter your domain name (without the www) in the “DNS Report” field and click the “DNS Report” button.

3. The resulting report is very long. Much of the information is only of value to a DNS Administrator. Scroll down the report page to the MX Category (1st Column) and locate “MX Record” in the Test Name column (3rd Column).

4. The Information Column (4th) for this row shows the details of the MX Record for the domain entered. This shows where your MX is currently pointing.

Note: There are other sites, services, and utilities that will provide details regarding your MX record. Alentus DNS and Email Administrators suggest because it provides the most comprehensive information; however, most of the report is normally only of passing interest to a domain owner. 

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