If I choose Exchange Hosting from the Alentus Order Form, it comes through as 0$, why?

Alentus ExchangeMail customer orders are handled differently than most other Alentus products. The zero dollar value for the order means that the order is just the first step in the "signup" process. It will trigger an Alentus Customer Service Rep to contact you and help you get started with your Alentus ExchangeMail account. The admin account that is created not only provides access to the Exchange Control Panel, but is, in itself, an Exchange user and therefore must be associated with one of our ExchangeMail Service Plans. Once the admin user is "approved" and set up, additional users can be added easily from the Exchange Control Panel. An ExchangeMail Service Plan is chosen for each user during that user setup process.

For more Information on Alentus ExchangeMail Service Plans and Options, please visit the following page: http://www.alentus.com/exchange-hosting/exchange-plans.asp

Note: Due to the nature of the product, a fairly intensive series of checks and balances are in place to help us ensure the validity of new Exchange customer orders - especially when the request is from a customer new to Alentus. Exchange is a serious business class solution and Alentus takes extra care to ensure that it will not be abused by hackers or spammers.

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