How do I add Email Address Book Entries in Webmail (Email Server: NS125)?

1. First determine that your version of Webmail is the same as the version installed on the Alentus Mail Server NS125 by opening a “command prompt” and type “ping mail..”. If your mail is hosted on NS125, the first line of the ping result will show:

“Pinging ns125.. [] with 32 bytes of data:”

2. If the above result indicates that your mail is hosted on NS125, log on to your webmail account and click on "address book".

3. Select the address book that you wish to add to from the popdown listbox - OR - if wishing to create a new address book, type the name of the new address book in the "New Nickname" field and then click "create".

4. Click the "edit" button next to the "choose" field.

5. Add new address book entry by filling in the "nickname", "name", and "address" (email address) fields.

6. Click "Add".

7. Repeat the two previous steps until all the address book entries have been added.

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