My webmail is not being delivered to recipient how should I proceed?

If you are able to successfully send mail to some, but not others, and the recipients that receive mail successfully are always the same, then this indicates that the emails are "making it off the Alentus SMTP Server" okay. That means that, for some reason, the recipients who do NOT receive mail successfully are blocking your email for reasons like a spam filter or virus infection.

Do the emails that do not reach the intended recipients have attachments? If so, then perhaps you should run an up-to-date virus scan on your system as it is possible that a virus is infecting the attachments (and then the email is rejected by the receiving system due to the virus infection).

As far as email being detected as being spam, there are a number of "triggers" that will cause certain systems to classify an email as being spam. Some of them are:

- Anything that is "non-standard" text, such as a series of "*"s to separate lines or any other repeating character.
- When the "reply to" address is different from the actual senders email address (your address), for example: sending mail from "" account and putting "" in the "reply to" address space.
- Not having a subject.
- Using "forbidden" words/phrases including ones like "ON SALE NOW!" etc.

Please check your "signature" line(s), if used, to make sure it does not "violate" any of the above.

Also, it is possible that your email address is being blocked regardless of your e-mail’s current content. This could happen if a computer that had your email address stored on it became infected by an email virus. The virus composes emails using whatever addresses it can find on the infected computer. It inputs them as the "sender". It is possible that the systems that do not receive your email are blocking it for this reason. Check with the receiving systems" administrator and also check to see that the intended recipients have not put you on a "black list”.

You may also want to try sending mail to an address that you have previously had trouble with and "ccing" that same email to a temporary POP account that you first create through the email admin console. Next, log on using the temp POP account, retrieve the email, and resend it to the "problem address" - include any "signature" lines that were present in the original email. If the mail is received successfully, then that tells you that it is your specific email address being blocked, not the "content" of your messages.

Please investigate using the "above" information and provide the results to Alentus Support.

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