Creating an AutoResponder Message (NS15)

1. In Internet Explorer, go to and choose "Admin Login".

2. Login as Postmaster for your domain (EXAMPLE - "User Name:" postmaster; "Domain:"; "Password:" gates).

3. Choose "Pop Accounts" and click on "Delete Account" for the email address you wish to auto respond from.

4. Click "Create Pop User" button and create a completely new email address.

5. From the main menu, click "Autoresponders", then "new responder".

6. For "Autoresponder Name", enter the previously deleted email user name (example: if, enter "joeblow" only).

7. For "Owner Email Address", enter in the previously CREATED email address (example:

8. Fill in the "Subject" and "Response Message" fields as required (example: "Subject:" Gone On Holidays, "Response Message:" I will be on holidays until Aug 4).

9. Click "Add" button - Mail sent to your original email address will be replied to with the subject and message you entered, a copy of the incoming letter will be forwarded to the newly created Pop Account.

To End the AutoResponse Proceedure:

1. Basically, reverse the above steps. Delete the "autoresponder", delete the "new" email address, and create a new POP account for the original email address.

Note: On many Email Servers it is often simpler to edit the POP account and change the "routing" to "vacation" - change routing back to "normal" when functionality is no longer needed.

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