I just removed an old POP mailbox and now, for some reason, duplicate emails are being received by a number of other POP accounts. What happened?

The POP account that was deleted was one of a number of POP accounts that had an Alias pointing to it. When the POP account was deleted, incoming mail for the Alias would create an error when attempts were made to deliver it to the no longer existing POP account. This error spawned a number of retry attempts. Each retry attempt tried to deliver to the non-existing (deleted) POP account and all of the other POP accounts that the Alias points to. Thus, all of the existing POP accounts that
had the Alias pointing to them received multiple copies of the same email; with the number of copies corresponding to the number of retry attempts made before the system stopped trying.

To remedy this situation, it is nessesary to modify all the aliases that have an entry for the non-existing POP account. It is normally possible to do this through the webmail interface; however, this occasionally requires the assistance of an email administrator. The best solution to this problem is to make sure that it never occurs in the first place by ensuring that Aliases are updated prior to deleting a POP account.

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