Why is SMTP-Auth failing under Outlook XP?

Some installations of Outlook under XP appears to have a bug negotiating the SMTP-Auth protocol. This problem will only affect customers using our SMTP-Auth server, most users will be unaffected by this problem. The problem is that Outlook appears to be using the POP3 mail server name instead of the SMTP server name when attempting to connect to the the outbound SMTP server. Since our POP3 server does not perform SMTP-Auth services, the connection fails. This only occurs when using SMTP-Auth. Connections under regular SMTP use the correct outbound SMTP server setting.

If your system has this problem, you will be able to receive mail, but you cannot use our SMTP-Auth service. Ensure that both your Windows and Outlook installations are up-to-date with all the latest upgrades and patches applied. If the problem persists, doublecheck with Microsoft to determine why Outlook is not functioning properly on your workstation. Also, ensure that third party software installed on your workstation is not interferring with Outlook; see third party software manufacturer's technical support.

If all of the above troubleshooting and repair recommendations are followed and the problem persists, the only remaining choice is to use your local ISP's outbound SMTP server, and in non-authenticated mode.

Note: In the vast majority of cases, SMTP-Auth has NO problems working with Outlook XP.

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