Will Barracuda Spam Filter Legitimate Email?

Barracuda uses several methods to classify incoming email. It will classify messages into one of three categories and will take action as follows:

1. The message is not spam. It is forwarded on to your mailbox.

2. The message might be spam. The subject line is tagged with the word "[SPAM]" and the message is forwarded on to your mailbox.

3. The message is spam. It is deleted without being forwarded on to your mailbox.

It also scans incoming email for viruses and blocks infected messages.

Note: Spam detection is not a hard science and that not all spam will be caught by the filter. The overall strategy is to fail on the side of allowing spam through to the customer, rather than chance deleting a legitimate email.

If there is any doubt about whether a message is spam or not, it will still be allowed through to the recipient; in this case it will have the word "SPAM" appended to the subject line.

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