Alentus SMTP-Auth Information

SMTP-Auth service is our outgoing email service for customers to send email from their personal workstations through our outgoing SMTP servers.

Outgoing mail service sent from the website, and email sent when using "WebMail" is included with your hosting package because that is sent from servers on our network.

Email sent from your personal workstation is not from our network and therefore normally you send the email through your ISP. If your ISP decides to block reply addresses referencing domains they do not host on their network, then you may need our SMTP-Auth service.

The -Auth part is because any email from outside our network sent through our outgoing SMTP servers requires authentication by username and password. To prevent the use of our SMTP servers by spammers, we do not maintain them as "open relays".

SMTP-Auth service is free on request for customers with web hosting valued at $12.95 per month (Premier.NET) or greater.

If you have a web hosting plan valued at less than $12.95 per month, then you can either upgrade your hosting plan by contacting our billing department, or incur a single fee of $4.95 per month for use of the service by everyone in your organization.

If you would like to order our SMTP-Auth service, please Submit a Ticket to Technical Support. Specify a username and password of your choice; otherwise, they will be assigned.

Once the service has been setup, you will receive an automatically generated email containing your username and password.

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