Should I alias my primary email POP3 account to my new Exchange account?

Having some email accounts on our regular POP email servers, and some email accounts on our Exchange servers is known as a “split domain”. To set this up, first we delete the POP account, and create a “forward” to the alternate exchange email address of:

Note: Any email stored on the mail server for will be deleted when the POP account is deleted. Download all desired email prior to initiating this process.

When you log into the Exchange panel for your email account and click on the link "View Outlook Setup Info" you will see this line:

"Your Alternate E-mail Address is:"

By default, Alentus will setup your main Exchange account as, if that will continue to be your main account and you want it to receive email for, then through the Exchange panel, you can change the email account name from to

Alentus can delete your POP account and create the forwarder, or you can do it on your own. The latter may be the preferred way of performing this change as you may want to ensure that any important email currently being stored on the server is successfully transferred/downloaded from the server first.

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