What options are available for preventing SPAM from hitting my Exchange accounts?

Alentus Exchange Services include server-side SPAM filtering with Microsoft Intelligent Mail Filter (IMF). The cost to you is $0.00. IMF must be specifically enabled for the accounts desired. In terms of control, IMF is fully integrated with Outlook, and
in addition to being able to set a Spam Tolerance Level across the domain, each user has the ability to add senders to their personal white/black lists.

For additional advanced spam filtering, users can enable Postini at a cost of $3.00 per month per email account.

Postini has a number of features and options that you can specify settings for; however, for the time being, those settings have been performed by our Exchange Administrators. Postini is a new offering for us, so there are some automation and controls that are not available yet at a customer/user level. More information regarding Postini will be posted as it becomes available.

The following is a link to information regarding Alentus Exchange Services signup:


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