Backing up & Activating BlackBerry with Exchange

Note: The following information assumes the enterprise activation password for the mobile user has already been set in the Customer Center portal

Delete your Existing Handheld Data and Service Books

1. Backup your blackberry with the Desktop Manager (optional)
2. Go to Options | Security Options| General Settings menu on the handheld.
3. Scroll to Desktop […] and click the menu button on the device
4. Select Wipe Handheld from the drop down menu.
5. Click on Continue to confirm you want to delete all handheld data.
6. Once the Handheld has restarted, ensure that your Wireless service is ON by going to Manage Connections and turning all connections on
7. Go to Options | Date and Time and make sure you set the correct date and time

Wirelessly Activating Your Blackberry Handheld

The following steps outline how to wirelessly activate your handheld so that it can be used with your migrated\new Exchange mailbox.

1. Select the Options | Enterprise Activation menu on the handheld.
2. Enter the user’s full primary e-mail address in the Email field and the password assigned to you by Ceryx or local tech in the Password field.
3. Click on the menu button on your handheld to invoke the menu and then select Activate.
4. You will start to see progress on the screen shortly that will register the BlackBerry handheld with the BES Server.
5. At this time, it will wirelessly synchronize the following data to the handheld from your Exchange mailbox;
- Tasks
- Contacts
- Calendar
- Mailbox Messages (Last 5 days or 200 messages – whichever is greater)

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