How can I migrate from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 to SharePoint Foundation 2010?

Customers with Shared SharePoint Hosting Plans:
Alentus is providing a special service for our existing SharePoint WSS 3.0 customers who wish to move to SharePoint Foundation 2010. Alentus will set up a new blank SharePoint Foundation 2010 site and allow the customer 2 weeks to move content before pointing DNS for their domain to the new server and remove/erase their old site from the old SharePoint server. They will need to re-setup their users and sub-sites amongst other things.

Customers with dedicated servers hosting SharePoint want to upgrade to SharePoint Foundation 2010:
Will will need to have SharePoint completely re-setup on a new server with Windows 2008, SQL Server 2008, and SharePoint Foundation 2010. They will then have 2 weeks to move everything over. The cost will be subject to the setup fees of the server, SharePoint, SQL, and anything else on the new server that was on the old server.

Methods for migration:
SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides different ways to migrate site collections, sites, or any combination of objects within a site to another SharePoint Web application that is extended (enabled) with SharePoint Foundation 2010. Migration applies to moving objects from Windows SharePoint Foundation 2010 to SharePoint Foundation 2010 only. You cannot migrate sites, content, or any other object from earlier versions of SharePoint such as from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, or SharePoint Services 2003 (WSS 2.0), to SharePoint Foundation 2010.

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