What are the BIG differences between all the different SharePoint versions and where can I find out more about SP 3.0?

The significant differences between the versions of SharePoint currently available are:

- SP 2007 requires a CAL (Client Access license), while SP 3.0 does not.

- SP 2007 "may" require a lot of backend services depending on what the user base “wants” to connect and collaborate with (such as Exchange, Project Server, Live Communication Server, Office Server, etc.).

- WSS version 2.0 was based on .NET 1.1 while SP 3.0 is based on .NET 3.0 (MS skipped right over .NET 2.0).

A list of all the new and enhanced features available in SP 3.0 can be found here: http://support.alentus.com/KB/a138/new-improved-features-windows-sharepoint-services-version-30.aspx?KBSearchID=166

Important Notes on SharePoint 3.0 (WSS 3.0):

1. A significant point needs to be made regarding the tools used with SP 3.0 (WSS 3.0). “SharePoint Designer 2007” is the recommended tool to further customize your SharePoint site (for experienced web designers only). More information on SP Designer can be found here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepointdesigner/FX100487631033.aspx

2. Another tool that can be used to customize your SharePoint 3.0 site is “Microsoft Expression Web”. More information on this tool is available at the following URL: http://www.microsoft.com/products/expression/en/default.mspx Note: When obtaining Expression Web, ensure that it is the version that includes support for SharePoint Services 3.0.

3. SharePoint Services integrates differently with the various versions of Microsoft Office. To realize the maximum benefits of SharePoint 3.0 and MS Office interactivity, users should have Microsoft Office 2003 Professional installed on their workstations.

4. To get the most out of SharePoint 3.0, Alentus recommends the book “Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Step by Step”. It is available from Microsoft Press for under $20:


Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Step by Step

ISBN: 9780735623637

5. For more information on SharePoint Services 3.0 visit the following URL at Microsoft: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepointtechnology/default.aspx

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