SMTP-Auth Troubleshooting

To help isolate the cause of your problems with our Authenticated SMTP service please do the following things:

1. Go to and apply all outstanding updates to your Windows Operating System. Then go to and apply all outstanding updates to your Microsoft Office. Once the updates have been applied try to send email using your Authenticated SMTP account.

2. Change your outgoing mail server (cserver) to:

You may need to restart your machine for this change to take effect. If this does not work change the SMTP server name back to what it was before.

3. Change the SMTP port in Outlook to from 25 to 587. If that does not work, then change it back to port 25.

4. If none of the above things resolves the problem we will need some information from you. Please send us the results of the following commands issued from a Windows command prompt:



telnet smtp

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