SMTP Auth - SMTP Not Working - Alentus Equipment Okay

237: SMTP Auth - SMTP Not Working - Alentus Equipment Okay

This article assumes that your SMTP-Auth user account has been tested by Alentus (using your account information, Alentus techs have successfully connected to the SMTP-Auth server from a remote workstation running Outlook and used it as a mail relay.) This excercise proves that Alentus equipment is functioning normally and that your account is properly enabled.

In the past, this type of problem has often been attributed to ISPs blocking SMTP through-traffic in response to threats like the "sobig" worm. If this is occuring, it will interrupt your SMTP services and you will not be able to use the gateway until the ISP in question restores SMTP through-traffic capability. You may wish to contact your ISP to see if they have done anything to restrict your SMTP connections to the server on our network.

You may also want to try an alternate Port, in case your ISP has begun to block Port 25, the default for SMTP. In this case, change the SMTP setup in Outlook so that it makes use of Port 587

It is always possible that this behavior is being caused by a configuration error on your local workstation. To double check your settings, can you verify that you are using the correct settings and server name? They should be:

Username: (the one included in your SMTP Auth Welcome Kit)
Password: (the one included in your SMTP Auth Welcome Kit)

Please be aware that username and passwords are CASE sensitive. Try "cutting and pasting" these values directly from the Welcome Kit to your Outlook setup screen.

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