How do I use the Netscape mail client with the POP3 server?

Enter your user names in the form:
For example:
Please note that the user/domain are separated by a percent character (%) instead of the usual ampersand (@) character. Example settings for the Mail Server Properties is shown below:

What about the outbound SMTP setttings?

To set your outbound SMTP settings, please refer to documentation supplied by your local ISP. Outbound SMTP is not handled by our POP3 server, normally your local ISP will provide you with the address of an SMTP mail gateway to be used for your outgoing mail.

Why do I have to use the percent symbol?

From some reason Netscape 4.77 (and possibly other versions of Netscape), truncate any characters after the "@" symbol when sending the account information to the POP3 server.

When this happens, all the POP3 server sees is the "user" portion of the account name. Since the POP3 server cannot determine the domain name, it rejects the login request.

By using the "%" instead of the "@" symbol, the full account name (which includes the domain name) will get to the POP3 server, and your login request can be properly authenticated. 

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