Configuring Outlook 2000 to Send and Retrieve Your Email

Before attempting to setup Outlook to retrieve messages from a POP3 email box on Alentus servers, please ensure that you have created the account on our servers. You create POP3 accounts using the Email Admin Console.

Once the account is created on our servers, you can use Outlook to retrieve messages sent to this mailbox. From within Outlook, choose:

  1. The Tools menu, and click Accounts.

  2. Click the Mail tab.

  3. Click Add, and then click Mail.

  4. Type the name you want associated with the account, and then click Next.

  5. Type the e-mail address of the POP3 account, and then click Next.

  6. Set your Incoming POP3 server to '' where 'yourdomain' is the name of your domain hosted with Alentus. Click Next

    IMPORTANT: The name of your Outgoing SMTP server must be set to your dial-up ISP's SMTP server. If you are not sure of the name of this server, please contact your dial-up ISP. Alentus does not provide outgoing SMTP services from your local workstation.

  7. Type the full name of the account you have created, along with the correct password. Ensure you are using the full account name, eg.

  8. Follow the rest of the Wizard's instructions to complete the account setup. When you've finished, your properties screen should look like the one shown below.

    You can access and edit this screen at anytime by choosing:

    Tools-->Accounts-->Mail Tab-->Properties-->Servers Tab

If you are sure your Outlook settings are correct and still cannot retrieve your email, please visit the FAQ/InfoBase for more information.

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