What is the difference between ASPMail and ASPQmail?

ASPMail and ASPQmail are both components used to send outbound mail messages from your website. They are very nearly identical from an ASP scripting point of view, code written for ASPMail can usually run under ASPQmail with only one or two simple changes. The main difference between the two is how messages are handled at the time of delivery.

When ASPMail is instructed to send a message, it immediately contacts the outbound mail relay and attempts to transmit the message. ASPMail waits until the message transmission to the relay finishes before returning control to your script.

Messages sent through ASPQmail are immediately accepted into a message queue, and control is returned immediately to your script without waiting for message transmission to the relay to complete.

On the webserver, both of these are implemented as COM components, but ASPQMail also includes a system service. The ASPQmail COM component simply passes messages to the service which is always available. The service then spools the mail out to the SMTP relay as a background process and your scripts can immediately continue processing.

If you have long mailing lists to process, or find that there are significant delays when sending large messages, you may want to consider using ASPQMail. All of our plans offer support for ASPQmail.

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