Why do uploads fail with an error in WebMail?

The most common reasons for a failure when attaching a file are:

1. You may be clicking on the Send button while in the attachments screen
2. Your attachment is too large.

To send a message containing an attachment using WebMail, follow these steps:

1. While in the Create Message screen, click on the Attachments button.
2. In the Attachments screen, enter the file name in the text box. You may use the Browse button to help find the file name on your local system.
3. Click on the Upload button once the file name is entered in the text box. The upload may take some time if you are attaching a large file. After clicking, the upload should commence. Once the upload is complete, you should see the attachment file name listed at the top of the Attachments screen.
4. Click on the Preview button to return to the Create Message screen.
5. In the Create Message screen, the Attachments button should now read "1 Attachments" (or 2 or n Attachments if you have more than one attachment to the message).
6. Click the Send button to send you message with the attached files.

If your uploaded attachment is too large, the upload process will fail.

Currently the following limits are in place:

1. From Alentus Included webmail: 2MB (Example: http://mail.YourDomain.com)
2. From the optional Alentus Mail: 5MB

Note: Avoid the use of "special characters", INCLUDING "spaces" in the file names of attachments. The mail servers are all Unix based and therefore do not recognize filenames with spaces. The file will be converted into a ".dat" file and the recipient may not be able to read it.

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