SmarterMail - Email Migration from other email service providers

SmarterMail has an effective tool for migration of large amounts of email from your old email service provider.  Below are the general steps to perform a migration, which is effectively a copy over, of your email items to your Alentus SmarterMail hosted services.

SmarterMail can only migrate the email items that are stored or resident in your accounts on your email providers server.  That usually means only email services that store your email contents on the email server can migrated over such as Microsoft Exchange, or email providers utilizing IMAP.  If you are connecting to your current email provider with POP then often the email contents are downloaded to your email client which may remove them from your current email server which will mean there is actually nothing resident on the email server for SmarterMail to migrate (copy over).  If that is the case, there is another way to move your email that we can provide steps for upon request.  One way to see what is actually stored on your email providers server for your account is to log into your email services via their webmail interface.  Whatever email items are shown in webmail, SmarterMail should be able to migrate most if not all those items.

To begin the Email Migration process:

(1) Under My Settings -> Advanced Settings, click on Mailbox Migration

(2) Account Type: Choose the required setting for your current email services. The migration tool will only move a copy of the email contents and will not delete those in your current email services. If you have existing content in your SmarterMail account, then do not click or check "Delete existing SmarterMail mailbox items", otherwise the existing SmarterMail content will be replaced with the migrated content.

(3) Click Next and check off all of the boxes for "Import Items" and click Next.

(4) Fill in the required information for your current email provider.

(5) Click "Test Connection" and ensure it is successful before proceeding. If a test connection is not successful then contact your current email provider administrator for assistance for inputting the correct settings. When the test connection is successful, click Next.

(6) Click to start the migration. You will see a screen that will update automatically and show you the progress. The migration process could take a few minutes or a long time depending on the number of items you have to migrate so please be patient. You can minimize the window and continue on with other work while the migration process continues.

If you have any questions with these steps, please do not hesitate to contact Alentus Support.

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