Video Series - Using Sharepoint 2010 Foundation


We have discovered that you should find the information contained in the video series found following to be very informative.

PLEASE NOTE: Information is provided on a "as best we can suggest" format. Not everything suggested in these articles may be repeatable in exactly the manner indicated. We ask that you use these videos as a method in which to learn the basics and familiarize yourself with the toolbars and functions available. Further support may be found in the other knowledge base articles found here, or by contacting a support representative directly.

IMPORTANT: No support can be, or will be provided to any users who are not hosting a SharePoint 2010 Foundation site on our servers. Using the downloadable product suggested by the video authors is not supported by our organization. We cannot offer assistance in downloading, installing, configuring or operating that product.

Please see the sales materials page, for details on our very inexpensive SharePoint 2010 Foundation offerings:

Thank you!

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