Video: Ribbon highlights In SharePoint 2010

The ribbon is a new command interface that brings many SharePoint controls out from hiding and onto the page where they can do the most good. Similar to the UI in products like Microsoft Word 2010, in SharePoint 2010, the ribbon is a toolbar that appears across the top of each page and displays many of the most commonly-used tools, controls, and commands.

While the ribbon represents a new way of organizing and presenting the controls within SharePoint, in general, the controls themselves have changed very little from previous versions of SharePoint. All of the original functionality that you may be used to is still there, but presented in a different way to help you work more efficiently and in the context of what you are trying to accomplish.

This demo will show you some of the highlights of how to get things done using the ribbon as compared to how you used to accomplish tasks in SharePoint 2007.

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