SmarterMail - Adding New Email Account/User - Administrator Only

Adding a User Account - Administrator Only

To begin adding a user account, click on Add User from the Email Accounts page. When you do so, you will be presented with a page that contains the items below. When the items are set to the values you want, click on the Save button to finish adding the user.

Note: Many of these values, especially those in Display Settings and Compose Settings, can be left at the defaults when adding a new user account, as they are better set by the user. They are included in the Add User page so you may edit them if you wish, however.

User Information

Username – The email address (e.g. "user" in
Full Name – Enter the name of the person using the email account.
Disable this user – This will completely disable this user, but the account is not deleted. The user will not be able to log in, send or receive email for this account until you reactivate it.
Domain administrator – If this option is checked, the user will have full domain administrator privileges, including the ability to add and edit users. This is disabled by default.
Mailbox size – This box allows you to set the maximum mailbox size for the account you are adding. You may NOT set a size in excess of the maximum allocated your services.
Reply–to address – Enter an alternate reply address you wish to use. This will be the default reply to address for mail sent from this account.
Forwarding address – Enter an address to forward every inbound email message to. For example, if your mobile phone has an email account and you will be away from your computer for a few days, enter the mobile phone's email address here to forward email to it. You can only forward to a single email address. If you need to send to multiple addresses, you must use an alias.
Delete message on forward – Check this box to delete the message from the inbox of the original email account after forwarding it to another email address.
Signature – Add text to this area for a 'signature' that will display at the bottom of each email message that is composed in the web interface.


New password – Enter a password for the email account
Confirm password – In order to ensure you typed the new password correctly, enter it again in this space
Lock password – This option 'locks' the password for end users. If this option is checked the user will not be able to change their password.

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