SmarterMail - Logging In

Logging in to SmarterMail

You will need to obtain the link to your SmarterMail server's web site from your Administrator or Domain Administrator. If you are the site administrator, this was sent you at the time you first set the services up. That information can be resent at your request.
SmarterMail Login

To login to SmarterMail, type in your full email address and Password on the login screen. You will be presented with the welcome page and a view of all folders in your mailbox. The full email address (not an alias) must be used to log into the corresponding mailbox.

"Remember Me" checkbox – By checking this box SmarterMail encrypts your login and password, then you can close the browser window and not have to re–log in when you return. This function works as long as you do not "log out" of SmarterMail prior to closing your browser window. Note: You will need cookies enabled on your browser for this feature to work.

A standard User is able to view all email folders (inbox, sent, and Custom) for their designated account.

Only users with admin permissions (usually the owner of a domain) can add/remove users and change domain settings.

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