Request for web design help


Thank you for considering Alentus.

Since 1997 we have strived to become a leader in Windows Web hosting with customers in more than 100 countries. We specialize in hosting solutions such as ASP.NET hosting, Windows SharePoint Services, SQL Server hosting and more.

Our customers include Disney, LG Electronics and more listed at:

However, we do not develop websites because many of our resellers do that as part of their livelihood and therefore we prefer to utilize the technical knowledge of our internal support staff for supporting of our customers, servers, and network infrastructure.

I would like to recommend some web design companies that are valued resellers of our services:

Daniel Gilbert
Ph. 800.994.3912

Yellow Pencil
Paul Bellows
Ph. 780-423-5917

Mangal Singh
Ph. 780-413-0975

E.S. Williams
Ph. 866-539-4544

Thank you again for considering Alentus. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Peter M.
Sales: Alentus North America

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