What Language Packs/Templates are Currently Available for an Alentus WSS 3.0 (SharePoint Version 3.0) site?

Most common languages are supported by SharePoint 3.0

Language packs are installed upon request by a customer. Once a language has been installed for one customer on any particular server, it becomes available for all customers on that server. A language must be selected upon site creation and NOT afterwards. Once the main SharePoint site has been created, different languages can only be selected when creating "subsites".

If a language other than English is required for the "main" SharePoint site, that requirement MUST be specified when ordering the Alentus SharePoint Hosting Plan. Once we have created the SharePoint site for you, the language for this main site cannot be changed. Instead, the site must be torn down and recreated from scratch with the new language selected. Any content that has been added would be have to be deleted.

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