I can't login to the email server from my local workstation. What's wrong?

If you are experiencing trouble logging into the email server using your email client software, you will need to ensure your settings are correct.

There are three things you must know in order to access our mail sever:

- your email address,
- the name of your Alentus POP3 incoming mail server
- the name of your local ISP's outgoing SMTP server.

For example:

- me@mydomain.com would be your email account name
- mail.mydomain.com would be your Incoming Mail server name
- smtp.my-isp.net would be your ISP's Outgoing SMTP server name

The first two items have been supplied to you in your Welcome Kit (account name and the name of the POP3 mail server), but you must get the SMTP server information from your local ISP. The POP3 server is our mail server machine, while the SMTP server is your ISP's outbound mail gateway. Note that Alentus cannot provide outgoing email capabilities from your local workstation.

You should also verify that of these items are entered correctly in your mail client. Typical mistakes are not including your domain name along with your account name (me@mydomain.com), and mistakes with the dots and "@" symbols.

If you're certain that your own settings are correct and you still cannot login, contact our Technical Support Department for further assistance. 

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