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Problem reported by Frederick R. Converse - June 12, 2015 at 8:33 PM
I spoke with a tech support person several weeks ago regarding a specific feature of CAN-IT that Roaring Penguin told me that Alentus is not using. It is called "COMPOUND RULE." This feature allow for rejecting email based on a specific string of words or phrases.

This would extremely valuable to me, and I am sure others customers of yours who use CAN-IT, to filter out spam.
The person with whom I spoke seemed to be unaware of this feature, and told me that he or someone at Alentus would contact me after looking into this. I have not heard back from anyone, and I continue to be bombarded with spam. When I have tried to use some of the existing rules as best I could, I have unintentionally blocked legitimate senders.
I would very much appreciate a response, and better yet, implementation of this CAN-IT feature.

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Zhang Ying Replied
March 3 at 4:12 AM
We have had luck using the "honeypot" technique to stop spam. Add a form field, hide it in css, turn off autocomplete, and then check if it's still empty on submit. Take a look at the www.pack.zone contact page (view source) and send us any questions with the contact form there if you wish.

Also, another neat trick is to use character codes instead of numbers and letters for html email address and phone numbers. See http://wbwip.com/wbw/emailencoder.html for quick conversion (seems to work--users can copy and paste into an email client with no troubles, but looks different to spambot crawlers).

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